Vacuum cleaning of a machining centre for brake callipers

An FS-216 extracts and separates metal chips and coolant. The coolant is returned from the collection drum to the coolant container of the machine. The chips are taken out of the collection drum and are disposed of.

Cleaning of machines for gear components

The chip containers of the machines are emptied manually with a MaxVac Central vacuum unit. The extracted material is collected centrally and is discharged automatically in large bins. Suction inlet valves cover the whole production area and are positioned in a way that vacuum cleaning can be done where required.

Cleaning of pallets after the machining cycle

A compact stationary vacuum unit type IS-76 Central extracts chips and coolant into its conical collection container. The suction material is discharged downwards onto a chip conveyor. An additional exhaust air silencer makes the unit extremely quiet.

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