VacTrailer S-2

VacTrailer S-2, the Wieland all-rounder.

11 or 22 kW three phase motor.

VacTrailer S-2 is an extremely compact, trailer mounted suction unit. An important design target was a maximum gross vehicle weight of 1500 kg with the advantage that the unit can be towed with standard mid-size station wagons. This increases flexibility and broadens the possible field of application.

We designed the unit to extract production residues and dry bulk material effectively over large suction distances. The suction material is discharged downwards by gravity – either into open containers or dust free into BigBags. This is important as BigBags become a more and more widely used disposal method especially for toxic material.

Due to its mobility, its enormous suction power and its high-tech filter system for fine dust and hazardous material, the S-2 has its applications in almost all sectors of industry.