Cleaning of machine-tools

A stationary, compact IS-76 Central vacuum unit extracts metal chips and coolant and collects the suction material in a collection cone. The suction material is automatically discharged downwards onto a chip conveyor.

Vacuum extraction of chips and coolant from a metal working machine

A stationary TowerVac unit extracts chips and coolant from machined parts and the clamping device. The extracted suction material is collected in the conical container of the TowerVac. When the maximum filling level is reached, the suction material is automatically discharged into the existing chip conveying system.

Vacuum cleaning of a machining centre

Chips and coolant are extracted from the machine and are separated in the FS-216 vacuum unit. The coolant is cleaned and can be returned to the machine or into a collection drum. The metal chips are taken out of the unit and are disposed of.

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