Textile industry

Wieland Lufttechnik has developed industrial vacuum cleaners and stationary vacuum systems specifically for the textile industry. The suction work is similar as in other sectors of industry: Manual cleaning of machines and plant with a flexible hose and a suction nozzle. However, the suction material is fundamentally different from other sectors. Textile fibres and fluff are light weight, they can be very adhesive and they are compactable.

Standard industrial vacuum cleaners do not compact the suction material when collecting it in the collection container of the unit. As non-compacted textile material fills up a lot of space, the collection container would be immediately full. Additionally, the extracted fibres go inbetween the filter pockets or the pleads of the filter cartridge and have to be removed manually from there. Result: After a short time the unit will not be used any more.

Textile vacuum cleaners and stationary textile separators from Wieland Lufttechnik are designed to compact the fibre type suction material during the suction operation. The 80 litre collection bag of the IS-36 T can hold easily 250 litres of uncompressed cotton fibres. The filter bags of the units can easily be taken out and are easy to empty. Additionally, it is possible to insert one way paper or plastic bags into the units in which the suction material is automatically collected and can be disposed of. The units do not have filter pockets or pleads where fibres could get stuck. Stationary textile separators can either compress and pack the suction material in 1000 litre bags or can discharge automatically downwards into containers, bins or compacting presses. The units are available in versions corresponding to the Atex standard for explosive or inflammable material.

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