Vacuum cleaning in a corn mill

An IS-36 M Atex 3D is used to clean floors and machinery in a corn mill. The unit is certified according to Atex to be used in zone 22.

Extraction of dried herbs

Containers filled with herbs are emptied using a flexible suction hose. The suction material which is collected in an intercept hopper is fed to the production process. The suction power is supplied by a MaxVac Central 110 unit.

Vacuum cleaning in an industrial bakery

With a fixed pipeline system the whole production area can be cleaned. Flexible hoses are connected to suction inlet valves which are positioned where cleaning needs to be done. The necessary cleaning work of floors and equipment can be done fast and effectively. The suction material is collected centrally in a FiltroJet filter hopper and is discharged into BigBags. The suction power is provided by a MaxVac Central unit.

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