Maintenance of an electro filter

When a filter blockage occurs, the problem must be overcome immediately. Wieland Lufttechnik has the necessary equipment in order to vacuum extract hazardous suction material at high conveying rates and to discharge and pack it according to health and safety requirements. Here hot suction material is extracted with a heat resistant flexible hose. The suction material is collected centrally in a filter hopper and is discharge dust free into certified containers or BigBags.

Vacuum cleaning in a power plant

Dust from a power plant (fly ash, reaction salt, coal dust) is extracted through a pipe line system which covers the whole block. The suction power is usually created by a stationary vacuum unit. If several blocks need to be cleaned, mobile suction units are used. The mobile unit is connected to the fixed pipeline system of the respective block where cleaning work is to be done.

Both mobile and stationary units can be equipped with explosion protection systems for explosive dust according to the Atex standard.

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