Extraction of ceramic (raw material)

A mobile S-3 suction unit extracts kaolin at various points in the plant. Spilled material at conveyor belts or fine dust from filter blockages must be removed immediately in order to keep up the plant.

Vacuum extraction in underground mines

In a gold mine, large rocks and stones are taken out of the mine with conveyor belts. In a second work step the tunnels are being cleaned with powerful suction units based on KS-units. Fine dust and smaller stone particles which are being created by the used explosives contain the highest gold concentrations so that the investment in suction units is amortised within a short period of time.

Cleaning of conveying equipment in a gravel plant

Spilled material at conveying plants, dust which has settled at processing equipment and large amounts of material at blockages or after accidents are being removed with an S-3 and a mobile intercept hopper. The units are brought to the area which needs to be cleaned. Alternatively, the intercept hopper can be connected to a fixed pipeline system, so that also higher levels of the plant can be cleaned. The intercept hopper is transported with a fork lift truck. If the suction material is to be recycled, it can be discharge onto a conveyor belt or into a screening machine.

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