The vacuum pump is driven by the truck engine.

Newly developed vacuum truck for bulk material.
Vacuum cleaning and vacuum conveying in cement plants, steel plants, power plants and similar sectors of industry. Robust design, from professionals for professionals. Simple and safe technology to help you to achieve best cleaning results.

VacTruck units are available in three basic versions and in three different power ranges. VacTruck is designed purley for three-axle trucks. The suction material is discharged to the rear through a large discharge door by tipping the container. Clear technical structures for a high level of operational safety.

If a tipping discharge oft the suction material is not sufficient, the unit can be equipped with a BigBag discharge device to fill 1000 l BigBags.
The BigBags are filled in a controlled way with the help of a hydraulic slide gate in the discharge door. Additionally, the unit disposes of a large loading platform for suction hoses and accessories.

Particular features of VacTruck:

– Compact design for three-axle trucks, therefore particularly mobile with small turn radius.
– The truck engine drives the vacuum pump. No additional Diesel engine required.
– Optional equipment for extraction and transport of liquids.